• Tokyo Cafe Show 2019
  • Concurrent Show Pizza & Pasta Show 2019
  • Cafe Design & Display Show 2019
  • Wellness Food Japan 2019
  • The trade show of foodstuffs, equipment and services for coffee bussiness & coffee shop / cafe industry. Tokyo Cafe Show 2019
  • Exhibition of ingredients, equipment and services for Pizza and Pasta Indsutry Pizza & Pasta Show 2019
  • Specialized exhibition of the product and equipment for Tea Culture and Tea Industry International Tea Show 2019
  • Specialized exhibition of facility and equipment for opening or renovating the store Cafe Design & Display Show 2019
  • Wellness Food Japan 2019

CAFERES JAPAN Show Management

TEL: +81-3-5363-1701
FAX: +81-3-5363-0301

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Total number* of the visitors for Tokyo Cafe Show & Conference 2019

July 3rd (Wed.)
July 4th (Thu.)
Rainy and cloudy
July 5th (Fri.)
10,923 11,254 11,568 33,745

※The number includes the concurrent show.

How we count the number of visitors
※ We counted based on the applications for the badge, the submitted registration and invitations at the reception counter in the venue. All visitors include industry participants, who were accepted by the show management, were also counted.
※ We counted based on people who brought the VIP invitation.
※ We counted as registered media parties.