Exhibition Outline

Japan Largest Cafe&Tea Industry Exhibition

Date October 5 (Mon.) 6 (Tue.) 7 (Wed.) 2020
Organised by TSO International Inc.
Admission fee

5,000 JPY

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Sponsored / Cooperation Organization by in 2019

CAFERES JAPAN is an international exhibition that receives formal support from government organizations and associations not only Japan but also overseas.

Embassy of Italy, Tokyo-Trade Promotion Section/Italia Food Association/International Coffee Tasting/Italian Chambeer Of Commerce in Japan/Japan Dairy Association/World Green
Tea Association/Japan Tea Central Public Interest Incorporated Association/All Japan Coffee Association/All Japan Coffee Roasters Association/Japan Cheese Fair Trade Council/
Cheese Coordinator Association/Jaoan Instant Coffee Association/All Japan Interior Coordinator Association./Japan Cafeplanner Association/Japan Tea Association/Japan Commercioal
Environmental Design Association/Nihoncha Instructor Association/Japan Tea Central Public Interest Incorporated Association/Japan Chinese Tea Spread Association/ASSOCAZIONE
PIZZAIUOLI NAPOLETANI in GIAPPONE/Japan Dairy Industry Association/Japan Barista Association/Japan Mate Association/The Japan Imported Cheese Promotion Assosiasion/
Fairtrade Label Japan/Chocolate & Cocoa association of Japan/JAPAN OLIVE OIL TASTER ASSOCIATION/Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Japan/The Embassy of
Sri Lanka in Tokyo, Japan/Government of Kenya - Kenya Embassy, Japan/Fairtrade Label Japan/Nihon Cyagyo Taisei Kyouka Suishin Kyougikai/Ministry of Agriculture/Zenbeihan/Rice
Stable Supply Support Organization/Onigiri Society/Japan Rice Cereal Trade Union

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